Create Unforgettable, mesmerising experiences.

Turn audience members’ smart devices into a massive canvas of pixels available to be controlled by the events lighting console in real time. Sauca Live Light fulfils today’s desire for immersion and connection, while promoting positive audience behaviour at live events.

Our approach is ethical and sustainable and the possibilities are endless.We are good for performers, good for the audience, and great for the planet.

And now for the first time we can extend that experience into your home or other venue synchronising your domestic smart lights or a venue’s lighting system with a curated stream of lighting cues for your tv, video, livestream, podcast or other broadcast media.

Creating a truly Hybrid Viewing experience.

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By Frag August 27, 2023

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On The App Store

By Frag June 30, 2023

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image from Thanking you all at Plasa Focus 2023!

Thanking you all at Plasa Focus 2023!

By Steve May 12, 2023

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